Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)



God reveals the secrets of his kingdom to those who, like children, are humble in spirit. In humility we make our prayers to the Father, confident that he will answer our petitions.  


Let us pray for the leaders of the Church: may their message of faith be simple and direct as it answers the deepest yearnings of the human heart: (pause)  .. Lord hear us.

We pray for those in authority in secular affairs: may they exercise their function in humble service and dedication rather than seek to achieve their own personal glory:  (pause)  …   Lord hear us.

For those who find difficulty in accepting some aspects of Catholic teaching. May they come to the Lord in true humility and openness of spirit, trusting that what they do not now understand or accept will one day be revealed to them:  (pause)  …   Lord hear us.

Let us pray for all Christians who find life difficult. May they come to the Lord as children and share their burdens with him who promises rest for our souls:  (pause)  …   Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary, who was truly humble in spirit: Hail Mary … etc.

As Children of the Father, we pray to him in silence.


God our Father, we make our prayers to you confident in the knowledge that you will give us all the graces we need as you share our daily burdens. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

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