Managing Parish Finances

Finance Committee

Responsibility for managing the finances of the parish falls to the parish priest with support from the parish treasurer and a finance committee.

Canon law requires each parish to establish a finance committee. The committee is not responsible to the pastoral council, but the parish treasurer must liaise between the diocese, the parish priest and the pastoral council.

The treasurer provides a statement of the finances of each of the churches to parishioners at the annual general meeting and will also provide occasional reports as and when necessary, during the year.

A copy of each of the statements presented at the last annual general meeting is available below.

In addition to the responsibility for parish finances, the finance committee is also responsible for health and safety issues and for the maintenance and upkeep of the churches, presbytery, Porch House and other parish buildings.

Membership of the finance committee
The members of the parish finance committee are:

  • Fr George Malecki, Parish Priest
  • Chris Hurford, Parish Treasurer
  • Lawrence McCarthy, Parish Administrator
  • Elaine Godfrey (Holy Cross)
  • Graham Bartlett (CTK)
  • Tom Fernandez (CTK)

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