Readings and Reflections

A wealth of prayer and faith resources provided by external organisations

Todays Mass Readings, specific to the Diocese of Clifton, are provided by the Universalis organisation. It contains readings, prayers and reflections for each day and the week ahead.

The readings are as used in the UK and are taken from Jerusalem Bible and Grail psalms.

This link will take you to The Votive Church in Vienna, Austria. Home of the Vienna International Religious Centre. The resource is provided by the Pastoral Ministry of Tourism – Categorial Pastoral Care of the Archdiocese Vienna.

For every Sunday and Feast of the yearwe offer you the respective readings and the gospel (according to the Catholic reading order) in many languages and a short meditation in almost all languages. Select the current reading year or search for the respective reading year and select the desired language. You can print out the texts or read them online. On the home pageyou will find the readings for the coming Sunday.

This Liturgical calendar, specific to the Diocese of Clifton, is provided by the Universalis organisation. It contains details for each day of the year with clickable links providing more information about Saints, readings and authors. As well as the current year you can look forward or back to previous years.

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