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Every picture tells a story.
Memories are precious and nothing invokes them better than a photograph.
A record of events we hold from time to time
Our churches don’t look after themselves

We are always at work in the background, repairing, conserving, upgrading and generally keeping the churches neat, tidy and safe. These are some of the jobs recently tackled.

Deep clean & new lights

Back in January 2019 a kind parishioner volunteered to pay for a high level deep clean of Christ the King church.
However, after some negotiations we took the job on ourselves and cleaned it from top to bottom, every inch of the walls and ceiling was vacuumed! The money donated was used to upgrade the church lighting which we did whilst we the scaffold was up. New vestments for the altar servers were also brought.

Porch House Loft

When Porch House was being treated for deathwatch beetle the loft and ceiling timbers had to be treated.

Old Front Entrance

The rotten facade of the old front entrance was removed, new timbers used to re-build and modern plastic fascia and soffit to finish.
Old unsafe pyro cable was professionally removed and replaced with new LED down lighters and PIR switches.
New UPVC windows installed to replace original rotten wooden frames.

Porch House Windows

The windows on the end of the building as we approach the church door from the car park were in a sorry state. One had been replaced and was okay but the other two had to go. Once we started the extent of the rot was evident, the upper frame was held in with foam!

Sorrowful Mysteries

Luminous Mysteries

Joyful Mysteries

Glorious Mysteries

Rosary Symbols
The link below is an interview with the family of the designer of these unusual and inspiring symbols. The original website “Distant Shores Apparel” from which we first saw these designs is no longer reachable. At the time we sought and were kindly given permission to use them by the designer / co-designers son Pilar Liebl Lopez.

A page relating the history of the family is here Distant Shores Catholic Apparel

Pray the Rosary
This is a copy of the helper leaflet that describes our prayer posts, the rosary and how to use it to guide your prayer.
These are Christmas messages from parishioners of Holy Cross and Christ the King
Over the years the garden has deservedly won many awards in the annual ‘Thornbury in Bloom’ competition.
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