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The parish of Thornbury assigned to the Salvatorians by various Bishops of the diocese of Clifton covered approximately 130 sq miles and stretched from Berkeley in the north to Almondsbury in the south and from Aust in the west to Wotton-under-Edge in the east.
Over the first 30 or so years of the development of the parish, several Salvatorian priests were assigned to Thornbury for differing periods of time. It is difficult from the available church records to determine precise dates of arrivals and departures as some seemed to have been temporarily assigned to other parishes in the diocese and elsewhere. In a text of a talk given 25 years after the opening of the church, the author referred to 11 parish priests and another 45 priests having served in Thornbury. It has not been possible to verify those figures but clearly several Salvatorians spent some time in the parish and the names and dates below are the best estimates of who was here and when.
Parish PriestAssisted by Holy Cross
1941Fr Kevin Kenny arrives 6 November (d.1963)
1942Fr Richard Dunne
1943Fr Richard Dunne
1944Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Vincent Hart
1945Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Edmund Bagnell
1946Fr Edmund Bagnell, Fr Ambrose Tierney, Fr Brendan Keogh
1947Fr Alphonsus Hopwood (d.1979)Fr Edmund Bagnell, Fr Bernard Ruddy, Fr Ambrose Tierney
1948Fr Edmund Bagnell, Fr Bernard Ruddy
1949Fr Bernard Ruddy, Fr Edmund Bagnell, Fr Gregory Blightly
1950Fr Paul Keyte (d.1984)Fr Gregory Blightly, Fr Edmund Bagnell, Fr Columba O’Coram
1951Fr Gregory Blightly, Fr Columba O’Coram, Fr James Doherty
1952Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Columba O’Coram
1953Fr Vincent Hart (d.1988)Fr Gregory Blightly, James Doherty
1954Fr Gregory Blightly, Fr Bernard Ruddy
1955Fr Paulinus Long, Fr Bernard Ruddy
1956Fr Bernard Ruddy, Fr Vianney Hughes
1957Fr Matthew Parker, Fr Bernard Ruddy, Fr Vianney Hughes
1958Fr Bernard Ruddy (d.1978)Fr Matthew Parker, Fr Vianney Hughes
1959Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Declan Chesterton
1960Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Cyril Field
1961Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Cyril Field, Fr Richard Dunne
1962Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Cyril Field
1963Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Cyril Field
1964Fr Clement Mercer (d.1969)Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Vincent Hart, Fr Cyril Field, Fr Gerard Tuohey
1965Fr Gerard Tuohey, Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Cyril Field, Fr Anselm Slattery
1966Fr Gerard Tuohey, Fr Richard Dunne, Fr Anselm SlatteryFr Cyril Field
1967Fr Anselm Slattery, Fr Richard DunneFr Gerard Tuohey
1968Fr Anselm SlatteryFr Richard Dunne
1969Fr Edmund Lanning (d.1995)Fr Anselm SlatteryFr Richard Dunne
1970Fr DesmondFr Richard Dunne
1971Fr Alban, Fr DesmondFr Richard Dunne
1972Fr Stephen Leggatt (d.2006)Fr AlbanFr Richard Dunne
1973Fr AlbanFr Richard Dunne
1974Fr Alban, Fr Bernard GreenFr Richard Dunne
1975Fr Alban, Fr Bernard GreenFr Richard Dunne
1976Fr Bernard GreenFr Richard Dunne
1977Fr Alphonsus Hopwood (d.1979)Fr Richard Dunne
1978Fr Danny Burns (d.2012)Fr George MaleckiFr Cyril Field
1979Fr George Malecki, Fr Alphonsus Hopwood, Fr Aelred DobsonFr Cyril Field
1980Fr George MaleckiFr Aelred Dobson
1981Fr George Malecki, Fr Alphonsus HopwoodFr Aelred Dobson
1982Fr George MaleckiFr Aelred Dobson
1983Fr Louis PrestonFr George MaleckiFr Aelred Dobson
1984Fr George MaleckiFr Aelred Dobson
1985Fr Jan BakFr Aelred Dobson
1986Fr Jan BakFr Aelred Dobson
1987Fr Jan BakFr Aelred Dobson
1988Fr Frank WaltersFr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1989Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1990Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1991Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1992Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1993Fr Noel KeaneFr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1994Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1995Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1996Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1997Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1998Fr Tom HennesseyFr Aelred Dobson
1999Fr Tom Hennessey, Fr Henry NevinFr Aelred Dobson
2000Fr Alex McAllister (ordained in CTK 23 Jun 1984)Fr Tom Hennessey (d.2010), Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2001Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2002Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2003Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2004Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2005Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2006Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2007Fr Charles Reddan, Fr Floribert KalindaFr Aelred Dobson
2008Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2009Fr Richard Mway, Fr Charles ReddanFr Aelred Dobson
2010Fr Richard Mway (now the Salvatorian’s UK Provincial),
Fr Charles Reddan
Fr Aelred Dobson
2011Fr Louis/Peter Preston (d.2022) & Fr Noel KeaneFr Charles Reddan
2012Fr Lazarus Msimbe
(now Bishop of Morogoro Diocese, Tanzania)
Fr Charles Reddan
2013Fr Charles Reddan, Fr Jan Bak (d. 2020)
2014Fr Charles Reddan
2015Fr Charles Reddan
2016Fr George MaleckiFr Charles Reddan
2017Fr Charles Reddan (d.2018)

Updated 12 April 2022

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