4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)



Jesus has called us to be poor in spirit so that we can be rich in the things of God. Detached from material goods, and attached to God our Father, we make our petitions to him.


We pray for the leaders of the Church: may they be an example of what it means to be least and last. May they be a contradiction to a world in which the strong and powerful aim to be the greatest and most important. Lord hear us.

Let us pray for justice and peace in our world: may our leaders never settle for peace at any price. May the peace they seek never be at the expense of injustice for some but be a lasting peace with justice for everyone, especially the weak and underprivileged. Lord hear us.

For the poor of our society and our world: may the words of the Sermon on the Mount touch our minds and hearts. May we see in the poor of our world the image and person of the suffering Christ. Lord hear us.

We pray for the members of this community: that we may live out the Beatitudes and so help to bring about God’s kingdom on earth, especially in our homes and in our local communities. Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary who knew what it was to be close to God, as we say together: Hail Mary … etc.

In silence, we make our own petitions, asking God our Father to grant all our requests.


God our Father, all we ask of you is your love and grace. With these we are indeed rich and need ask for nothing more. We make all our prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

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