28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)



Praise of God our Father is one of our great Christian gifts. Let us pray to the Lord for the grace by which the whole world may give him praise.


  • Let us pray for the Church on earth: may her celebration of the sacraments, especially the Sunday Eucharist, be a hymn of praise to the Lord. Lord hear us
  • We pray for poets, artists, musicians, craftsmen and women and all creative people: may their sensitivity to people, places and situations enrich those around them by lifting up their minds and hearts to an appreciation of God’s power and goodness. Lord hear us.
  • For those suffering from incurable diseases: that they may be strengthened by love. May those who are called to healing ministries use their talents and skill with insight and wisdom. Lord hear us.
  • May those in despair find confidence and hope and may those who tend to be ungrateful, learn to always count their blessings, realising that much has been given to them without any merit on their part. Lord hear us.
  • Let us pray that God’s love, which has been lavished on us, may encourage us and those we love to give him thanks, not only in prayer, but in every aspect of our daily lives. Lord hear us.
  • We pray with Mary, whose life was one great act of love and praise, as we say: Hail Mary … etc.
  • In silence, we bring our own petitions to God, whose joy is to be with those he loves.


 God our Father, we thank you for the many times that you have healed the pain in our lives. Help us as we strive to carry out your will in the coming week. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

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