Third Sunday of Easter (A)



Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we too are pilgrims who recognise Christ in the breaking of bread. Let us ask God our Father for all the spiritual food we need in our journey through life.


Let us pray that the celebration of Easter may give fresh encouragement to the Church as she meets the challenge of our ever-changing world: (pause) … Lord hear us.

We pray for our world with its many tensions and troubled spots: may we, who are constantly reminded that it is this world Christ came to save, never give in to despair. May we renew our efforts to pray for peace, justice and stability:   (pause) … Lord hear us.

Let us pray for the sick: may they find comfort and strength through their contact with the Church and the Eucharist:   (pause) … Lord hear us.

For all the members of this community: may we never become too familiar in our attitude to Holy Communion, nor too overladen with a sense of guilt which would keep us away. May we see the Eucharist as a sacrament of Christ’s love:   (pause) … Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary and share her Easter joy as we say: Hail Mary … etc.

In the presence of the Risen Christ, we pray in silence for our own intentions.


God our Father, we ask you to continue to nourish us with the Body and Blood of your Son. We make our prayer through the same Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

3rd Sunday in Easter Time – Year A

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