Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)



Mary, the Mother of Jesus, heard the word of God and was faithful to it. Let us ask the Lord for the grace for all Christians to, likewise, be faithful to his word.


Let us pray that all divisions in our society may be healed: may we be encouraged to treat all men and women as our brothers and sisters.    Lord hear us.

May we recognise the equal value of every member of our society. May we be given the grace to eliminate conditions of poverty and squalor which bring pain and suffering to so many. Lord hear us.

We pray for those who are weakened by sickness, disability and unhappiness: that they may be aware of the gentle love of God through the support we offer them. Lord hear us.

May those with positions of responsibility in our society always fulfil their tasks in a spirit of humility and service. Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary, Mother of our Saviour: Hail Mary … etc.

We pray in silence for our own intentions.


God our Father, as we strive to do your will, we trust in faith that you always hear the prayers of your people and will always act in our best interests. We make these and all our prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

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