Fourth Sunday of Easter (A)



Christ the Good Shepherd, who laid down his life for his sheep, has risen again to bring us new life. Let us ask God our Father to bless all those whom he has appointed to guard and guide us in our journey through life.


We pray for the leaders of the Church: may they, like the Good Shepherd, lead those they are committed to serve to greater holiness of life. May they help them to grow to spiritual maturity through the proclamation of God’s holy word and the Eucharist:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

Let us pray for those in charge of spiritual affairs: may they never hinder anyone from exercising freedom of conscience in the practice of their religion. May they seek, in all things, to provide a suitable setting in which Christ’s saving Gospel may be preached:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

For those communities deprived of spiritual leadership and support: may they never lose sight of Christ as the Good Shepherd who is never absent from those who believe in him:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

Let us pray for missionaries everywhere, especially those whom we support by our prayers and financial assistance: may they continue the work of the Good Shepherd who came that everyone might have life:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

We join our prayers with Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd, as we say:   Hail Mary … etc.

We pray in silence for our own intentions.


God our Father, may we never stray far from you, but always seek to follow where you are leading us. We make these, and all our prayers, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

4th Sunday in Easter Time – Year A

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