4th Sunday of Advent



Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has a special place in our Christian devotion because, through her humility, she found favour with God. With this in mind, let us pray that, like her, through our humility, Christ may find a home in our hearts.     


Let us pray for the leaders of the Church: with Mary as their model, may they follow her example of humility and give a witness to the world that the least and last shall be the greatest and first:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

We pray for those in high places in civil authority: may they serve the poor and the destitute of our society with generosity. May they see in them the image of God their Creator and Father:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

For the peoples of the earth: in this season of joy and peace, may nations work towards the day all conflicts will be finally ended and starvation and homelessness will be things of the past:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

Let us pray for the spread of God’s kingdom to every corner of our universe: may all men and women come to know the saving power of the Lord whose Gospel of salvation for everyone shows us that nothing is impossible to God:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.

We make our prayer with Mary, the model of humility, as we say: Hail Mary … etc

God always hears the prayers of his humble servants, and so, in silence, we make known to him our needs.


God our Father, we pray to you with Mary, who found favour with you as your handmaid through her humble obedience to your will. May we exercise a true devotion to her and learn to follow her example. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fourth Sunday in Advent – Year B

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