33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)



God our Father, in whose will is our peace, turn our hearts and the hearts of all people to yourself, that by the power of your Spirit, the peace which is founded on righteousness may be established throughout the world.


Let us pray for the peace of the world: for statesmen and rulers, that they may have the wisdom to know, and the courage to do, what is right: (pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for all who work to improve international relationships: for statesmen and women, that they may find the true way to reconcile peoples of different race, colour, and creed: (pause) Lord hear us.

Let us pray for men and women the world over:that they may enjoy true justice and freedom and may live in security and peace (pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for all who suffer as a result of war:

for the injured and the disabled, for the mentally distressed and for those whose

faith in God and in humankind has been weakened or destroyed …

for the homeless and refugees, for those who are hungry and for all who

have lost their livelihood and security ….

for those who mourn their dead, those who have lost husband or wife,

children or parents, and especially for those who have no hope in Christ

to sustain them in their grief: (pause) Lord hear us.

Let us ask Mary, Queen of Peace, to pray with us for an end to all war as we say together: Hail Mary … etc.

Let us pray in silence for our own personal needs.


Loving Father, have mercy on your people and open our hearts to peace and love. Reward all who have died for their country and grant that all nations may continue to work for justice and peace. Bless us in your service and help us to follow Jesus Christ who is our Saviour and our Lord, for ever and ever. Amen.

Remembrance Sunday

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