26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)



We all experience the temptation to become slaves of wealth and security. Let us pray to the Lord that his grace may be opened to a world which still favours the rich.


We pray for poor priests in struggling missions: may they be one with Christ in their poverty and see in it a special blessing by which they can show their love for the poor:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us

  • Let us pray for the rich nations of the world: may they share with poorer nations and so help them to provide for the basic human needs of their people:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.
  • For those who experience anxiety about their financial security: may they put their trust in the Lord and seek his love and grace which will give their lives meaning and purpose:  (pause)  …  Lord hear us.
  • We pray for those in the community who work for the poor: may we give them our help and assistance in every way and, through our support, may we identify ourselves with them and those they serve:  (pause) … Lord hear us.
  • We pray together so that all migrants and refugees, everywhere, may heal, learn, and determine their own future: (pause) … Lord hear us.…
  • We pray with Mary who knew what it meant to be poor: Hail Mary … etc.
  • In silence, we make our own petitions to God who knows our every need.


God our Father, we make our prayers to you so that you may fill our spiritual emptiness and poverty with the richness of your grace. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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