19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)



Elijah found God’s presence in the gentlest of breezes. Let us listen to God’s voice as we ask him for all the graces which will make us aware of his presence in our world.


We pray for all contemplative monks and nuns: may their lives be so centred on God that they may remain ever sensitive to his presence. May their influence on humankind reaffirm the importance of putting God’s will first in all things: (pause) … Lord hear us.

Let us pray for those who seek God’s will in public life: may they recognise the signs of God’s presence in our world and use their faith to respond to his call: (pause) … Lord hear us.

For those undergoing emotional conflicts: may their troubled minds and hearts be soothed by the Lord who calmed the storm on the lake and may they be assured that all in the end will be well: (pause) … Lord hear us.

We pray for an appreciation of the value of silence: may we put aside a part of each day where we can be still as we open our hearts to God. Let us listen to him who speaks to us of his great love and unceasing care: (pause) … Lord hear us.

We pray with Mary, ever conscious of her Creator, as we say together:     Hail Mary…etc.

We make our prayers in silence to God who knows what is in our hearts.


God our Father, you hear us when we call on you. May we always be sensitive to your voice and walk for ever in your presence. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

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